Our family enthusiastically recommends AMERICAN FLYERS DIVING and its owner Marc Cahalane. Our son Stephen Schillero has been coached by Marc for the last 5 years. Marc has a terrific balance of being a coach who can get the best out of you, while at the same time being a great encourager. You can always count on Marc to bring enthusiasm and a positive attitude to every practice and meet. When our son first starting diving with Marc, he was performing the most basic of dives. By the end of his senior season Stephen was a 4 time state qualifier in D1 diving and he was performing college level dives. Marc has not only been a great coach, he has also been a fantastic friend and mentor to Stephen. We are tremendously grateful to Marc Cahalane for making our sons high school diving career a huge success.

Thanks a million Marc,
Joe & Carol Schillero

What can I say?! Marc Cahalane is ‘hands down’ the most amazing coach I have seen and I am eternally grateful to him for coaching and mentoring my son! He has a way of motivating his divers while supporting them and challenging them ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  He is brilliant! I think the most impressive thing about him is that he is congruent. He TRULY cares and celebrates these kids ˗ and it always shows. He goes above and beyond the call of duty as far as coaching goes ˗ and our kids benefit in diving and in life!

Missy Bystrom

AFD has brought joy to my face since the day I got there. Marc is the nicest and funniest coach you'll ever meet. His kindness and caring about the divers helps them get new dives. He's like a second father and you want to make him proud. All the people there are always looking for new things to say in their pep talks for anyone trying new and exciting dives. Competitions are a blast considering the fact that everyone believes in you and wants you to have a good time. I am one of the luckiest people to have ever walked this planet because I am blessed with an amazing coach and teammates that are like family.

Mary O'Neill

Words can’t express how thankful we are that Emma is enjoying diving so much and improving.


I am so honored to have found such a good coach as Marc. When I first started diving, I could barely do a front jump. I was terrified. Marc pushed me through my fear, and in 1.5 years I was doing front 2.5, back 1.5, and so much more. When you are scared to do a dive, he pushes you to do them, and you always have great friends to tell you how fun the dive is. Thank you Marc!


Thanks again for yet another amazing season. You guys are awesome, and I'm honored to be a part of American Flyers Diving, and to be seen as one of the leaders on the team. Not everyone is lucky enough to have coaches who care as much as you guys do. You guys have both helped me get where I am today. You've helped me conquer my fears, learn new lessons, and be pretty good at one of the craziest sports out there. And I will always be forever grateful that you are both a part of my life.


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