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Below is a short list of important details that, when followed, will help create the most effective coaching and learning environment.

·       Divers/families in the Red, White & Blue Teams must commit to a “seasonal” membership contract. This is a training process that is designed to promote diver readiness at the National/International level. By enrolling in AFD Red, White & Blue Teams, you will be financially obligated to pay the total balance of your child(s) training fees as scheduled for the competitive USA/AAU season (September-August).

·       All payments are due in full by the 1st week of the month. All payments will be set up for automatic billing by Credit Card.

·       Once a new month has started, any diver not paid in full or not on a payment schedule MAY NOT PARTICIPATE UNTIL PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED.

·       All payments are final. Only in the event of long term injury or unforeseen family emergency, will there be a fee adjustment. Please make requests for fee adjustment in writing or e-mail following a verbal explanation (NOT during a practice please).

·       Participating in a diving camp without being accompanied by an official coach of American Flyers Diving is prohibited unless an agreement has been made with AFD prior to participating.

·       Competing in scheduled Ohio Diving League (ODL) meets & USA/AAU sanctioned competitions is mandatory (per diver readiness determined by the coach).

·       There is a $400 annual membership fee to be part of the Red, White & Blue Teams. This fee includes all coach’s fees & expenses for ODL/USA/AAU meets. It also includes entry fees for ODL meets only. Families must pay any fees associated with meet entry & registration for USA & AAU meets.

·       Parents and/or family members are more than welcome to stay & watch their children from the bleachers unless they are volunteering on the pool deck during practices.

·       Athletes and parents must make arrangements for transportation. Divers must be on time for practices (minimum 10-15 minutes early).  Make sure divers pick up is 15 minutes early. AFD coach(es) can provide transportation given prior notice.

I have read the above and fully understand these expectations as a parent or athlete participating with the American Flyers Diving Club program.


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