USA Diving

USA Diving is considered the national governing body of springboard diving in the United States.  Competing in USA Diving sanctioned meets allows divers of all ages to potentially compete at a national level.  Levels are determined by age (see requirements below)

*You must be a current USA Diving Competitive Gold member (a $75 annual fee) in order to compete.  American Flyers Diving is listed under “Lake Erie” association, not Ohio.

Click here for competition requirements

Click here for List of Dives/Degree of Difficulty (DD) Chart

How to sign up for a USA Diving Meet:

  • You must register with – this is the national format for processing meet entries. It is all done on-line. This is a free membership.  You must list American Flyers Diving as your club.
  • Now that you are a USA Diving & a member – sign up for the specific meet you will be attending. Meet sign up is done through  Log in & choose the “Upcoming & Current Meets” tab (top of page) or click here.  Scroll down to find the specific meet you will be attending, click on the name of the meet, and follow the sign-up directions from there.  You will need to know what dives you will be competing in order to register (refer to DD chart above).  You will need to use a credit card to pay for each event you are competing in. Price is usually $30 per event (1 meter/3 meter/ platform, etc).
  • If your membership fees do not include USA Diving meets coach’s expenses (see “Class Fees” page and your respective Lesson group), the cost for coach’s expenses at a USA Diving meet is $30 per event (1 meter/3 meter/ platform, etc).  This does not apply to Travel Team, Pre-Travel Team or Future Flyers members as those membership fees already include all coaches expenses.


Up & coming USA Meets

Keep an eye on to see the upcoming 2017-18 spring & summer schedule.

Past USA Meet Results (go to

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