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PLEASE NOTE: We are excited to announce that a new training facility has been added at Case Western Reserve University!!! Check the team calendar for training days/times.

Veale Natatorium
2138 Adelbert Road
Cleveland, OH 44106

Important notes about parking:

1. Do not turn left into the ramp off Adelbert because this is permit-only parking. Visitor parking is one more entry down on the left (which is on the circle).

2. Parking is across the street from the University Hospital parking ramp - near Little Italy.

3. The ramp is right next to the Veale building which is red brick with a green metal roof.

4. There is no parking off Martin Luther King even though a lot is shown on the map.

5. A good landmark is the huge windmill - the ramp is right next to it.

6. Go to the opposite side of the entrance off the parking ramp. There are steps and a sign pointing to Veale (outside the staircase).

7. Parking costs $5 for 2 hours, $8 for 3 hours.


American Flyers Diving is a year-round age group springboard and platform diving club designed to teach and develop athletes from novice to the highest ELITE level. The American Flyers diving team has been an official team member of United States Diving since 1995.


Our ultimate goal is to teach kids how to dive, how to be competitive, and still have fun. We strive to make a positive experience out of learning something new. Diving is very much an individual effort and every person has a different mental and emotional way of learning. With positive motivation and safe skill development, diving can be a great way to achieve both physical and mental confidence. As a club, each individual learns to contribute to the success of the team, building a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment. These are all skills which we believe are useful in life as well.



The American Flyers Diving Club utilizes 3 physical training approaches. The first is the most obvious – diving boards and water. The second is visual training. This includes a digital video system to record and play back each dive on a delay so each athlete can see their last dive as they exit the water. The third, and one of the most important, is less obvious – dry land training. This includes a “dry board,” trampoline (both with overhead spotting rigs), and a workout area.

Dry land training is a key element in the progression of safe skill development for diving. This allows a diver to perform the skills at a basic level and master key body positions before progressing to more difficult skills. Correct form and increased repetition aids in a better foundation for muscle memory which are of great importance to any activity. The process of building muscle memory can be greatly sped up with dry land work. During dry land training, a diver will get through many more repetitions in much less time than they will in the water. This, in turn, maximizes practice time. Another great reward that this type of training can provide for divers is a heightened level of confidence in a shorter amount of time.



We are continuing to add new American Flyers Apparel to our online store. Go to the "shop" tab, then "buy gear" to outfit your family and friends in American Flyers Diving Team Gear!



The Ohio Dive League (ODL) - Must be a current AAU Member - use the club code WW7WYE

The Ohio Diving League (ODL) season is well underway. Please check the ODL Website for the latest information. Scheduled Meets:

March 20 - Youngstown State University

April 10 - Wright State University TBD by Coach Marc

May 21 & 22 - The Ohio State University (May 21 practice at OSU TBD by Coach Marc)

All divers are welcome to participate, no matter what level of experience! The cost per meet is $30. If you are a Future Flyer, Pre-Travel, or Travel Team diver, you have prepaid for ALL ODL meets.

PLEASE NOTE: High school divers cannot participate in ODL meets while the high school season is taking place (you can still practice as normal). You can participate in the 1st ODL in Canton!

High School

With the high school season well underway, our divers are already making names for themselves. They are performing beyond expectations, and some are breaking long-standing records and gaining coverage in the local media. Keep up the good work - we know you will all make yourself, your families, friends, and coaches proud!!! You can read more here:

Janie Boyle 
- Breaks the Chagrin Valley Conference championship record, winning the event. Read more on Chagrin Valley Today (registration required).

Spencer Bystrom 
- Paced 2nd in the Chagrin Valley Conference championship in addition to a strong showing in swimming events. Read more on Chagrin Valley Today (registration required).

Kami Goodrick 
- Placed 2nd in the Chagrin Valley Conference championship. Read more on Chagrin Valley Today (registration required).

Tessa Kostelec 
- Placed 4th in the Chagrin Valley Conference championship. Read more on Chagrin Valley Today (registration required).

Peter Nachtwey 
- Named high school sports player of the week for Jan. 21 in The News-Harold.
- Breaks the Chagrin Valley Conference championship record
(previously set by himself a year earlier), winning the event. Read more on Chagrin Valley Today (registration required).

Eneh Turoczi 
- Placed 3rd in the Chagrin Valley Conference championship. Read more on Chagrin Valley Today (registration required).

USA Diving

I would like to congratulate all our divers who participated in USA Diving Junior National Championships in Orlando, Florida from August 1-9. It was a very special season for us because there were so many first-time experiences along the way, and not just for our national qualifiers, but the team as a whole. Every diver pushed through fears they never faced before and took their talent to a whole new level. Whether it was aging up, learning more difficult dives, or moving higher up to 5, 7.5, or 10 meter platforms - you've made your coaches, teammates, parents, and friends proud!!! You should be proud as well!!!

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS TO LYLE YOST!!! Thanks to his stellar performance at Nationals, he was named a USA Junior National Team Member and competed in the 2015 Junior Pan American Games in Matanzas, Cuba. The team consisted of 24 male and female divers. He competed in the 14-15 year-old boys 3 meter springboard event and placed 6th! Having earned this opportunity and having perfomed so well is an honor and an amazing feat! WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! Read more on Cleveland.com and watch an exclusive interview by WKYCLyle has also qualified to compete in the USA Winter National Championships this December! He is the 1st AFD representative ever to qualify to that event!

USA Diving Junior National Championship Results


Back row (left to right):
Peter Nachtwey, 16-18 year-old boys (3rd consecutive year qualifier) - 26th in platform preliminaries
Lyle Yost, 14-15 year-old boys (5th consecutive year
qualifier) - 3rd in 1 meter finals, 3rd in 3 meter finals, 5th in platform finals

Middle row (left to right): 
Kami Goodrick, 14-15 year-old girls (1st time qualifier) - 32nd in platform semifinals
Mary O'Neill, 12-13 year-old girls (1st time qualifier) - 37th in 3 meter preliminaries, 25th in platform semifinals 
Hannah Zahniser, 12-13 year-old girls (3rd consecutive year qualifier) - 15th in 3 meter preliminaries, 21st in platform semifinals
Janie Boyle, 14-15 year-old girls (1st time qualifier) - 23rd in platform preliminaries
Sidney O'Donnell, 14-15 year-old girls (3rd consecutive year qualifier) - 27th in 1 meter semifinals, 34th in 3 meter semifinals, 17th in platform semifinals 

Front row (left to right):
Dominic Roberto, 11 & under boys (2nd consecutive year
qualifier) - 29th in 1 meter semifinals, 30th in 3 meter preliminaries, 17th in platform semifinals 
RJ Keating, 11 & under boys (1st time
qualifier) - 15th in platform preliminaries 


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