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Ohio Diving League Meets - we will be attending only the final May ODL meet. We are not attending the April meet:
All divers are welcome to participate no matter what level of experience! The cost per meet is $30. If you are Future Flyers, Pre-Travel & Travel Team you have prepaid for ALL meets.
High School divers CAN participate in the 1st ODL meet & then again in March, April & May meets as well. You cannot dive in club meets while the high school meet season is taking place (you can still practice as normal).
American Flyers Diving is a year-round age group springboard diving club designed to teach and develop athletes from novice to the highest ELITE level. The American Flyers diving team has been an official team member of United States Diving since 1995.


Our ultimate goal is to teach kids how to dive, how to be competitive, and still have fun.  We strive to make a positive experience out of learning something new.  Diving is very much an individual effort and every person has a different mental and emotional way of learning.  With positive motivation and safe skill development, diving can be a great way to achieve both physical and mental confidence.  As a club, each individual learns to contribute to the success of the team, building a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.  These are all skills which we believe are useful in life as well.


The American Flyers Diving Club utilizes 3 physical training approaches. The first is the most obvious – diving boards & water. The second is visual training. This includes a digital video system to record and play back each dive on a delay so each athlete can see their last dive as they exit the water. The third, and one of the most important, is less obvious – dry land training. This includes a “dry board”, trampoline (both with overhead spotting rigs) & a work out area.
Dry land training is a key element in the progression of safe skill development for diving. This allows a diver to perform the skills at a basic level & master key body positions before progressing to more difficult skills. Correct form & increased repetition aids in a better foundation for muscle memory which are of great importance to any activity. The process of building muscle memory can be greatly sped up with dry land work. During dry land training a diver will get through many more repetitions in much less time than they will in the water. This, in turn, maximizes practice time. Another great reward this type of training can achieve for divers is a heightened level of confidence in a shorter amount of time.

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